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Velomobile Media Velomobile Sales
Velomobile Media is your international dealer for WAW velomobiles.
Our WAW velomobiles are sold in in Norway and outside EU since 2013.

WAW velomobile. More pics here

The WAW is a fast, weather proof and practical velomobile. Angled front wheels and low point of gravity makes it very quick to manouver and gives good handling in bends. The construction is self bearing (monocoque) and very solid.

WAW comes in many configurations on customers demand. The standard types are: WAW@2016 for riders up to 190cm, 2 fairing materials: Kevlar and carbon fiber. WAW can also be delivered with electric assist, which makes the uphills more easy. Download specs on WAW@2016 here

Want to buy a WAW velomobile in 1-2-3?

Do it in 3 steps:
1: Customer gets a pricelist with recomended options.
Customer add/change options after own preference.

2: Skype call/walk through the options, questions and answers.
Temporary agreement on options/price/delivery time.

3: Production number on the WAW, payment of invoice 1: 30% of total price. When payment is received, production starts (approx.2,5-3 months production time). 70% payment at shipping. Local import toll/tax for bicycles must be added.

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Contact us: info@velomobilemedia.com