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Velomobile is the future solution for single eco friendly transport now.
A velomobile is a recumbent bicycle with a fairing. That makes it very
aerodynamic and energy efficient. It gives weather protection and better
speed in headwinds and on flat compared to an upright bicycle.
A velomobile can have 2, 3 or 4 wheels. 3 wheels is the most common.
How to ride a velomobile

Velomobil er
            den mest energieffektive transportmåten
Velomobile is Formular1 with pedal power.

Velomobiles gives good protection and are more comfortable
and faster than any upright bike.

How many people can sit in a velomobile?
Most velomobiles is made for one person, some tandem back to back, or
tandem 2 single seats heading forward, or 2 side by side.

How fast is a velomobile?
Normally 30-50 km/h on flat road. A velomobile is faster downhill and on
flat compared to an unfaired upright bicycle. Uphill a bit slower due to
higher weight and no help from the aerodynamics. A streamlined tree
wheel velomobile will go about 52 km/h at 250 watts on the pedals, a track
bike/triathlon bike will make 37 km/h at the same pedal power.
A two wheel fully faired recumbent will make 76 km/h at 250 watts.

The world record set in Battle Mountain 2013 is held by Delft/
Amsterdam is 83.13 MPH (133.78 km/h) 200m flying start.

What materials is a velomobile made of?

Apex Grand Prix trike is a typical configuration for a velomobile (Sorcerer)
A velomobile can be built on a recumbent frame with a fairing attached.
The fairing can be made of aluminium, glass fiber, carbon fiber or Kevlar.
Some has a framework wrapped in textile. Some velomobiles has a self
supporting body where wheels, suspenison, steering are connected.

Velomobile in carbon fiber, Birk Butterfly

            på 12 og 24 timersløp
This velomobile have the world distance record in a 24 hr race, 1219 km,
average speed over 55 km/h.

            Villanger Løberg er verdens yngste velomobilist
Velomobiles can be adapted for kids: Ferdinand Villanger Løberg(10)

Does the velomobile have a motor?
Most velomobiles have bicycle gearing, some are made with electric engine for
uphill assist. The engine run while pedaling, mounted on the chain or in
the back wheel (hub engine). A few have the possibility of regenerating
power back to the battery while braking. (BionX)

BionX Hub engine mounted on a Cab Bike.

How safe is a velomobile?
A velomobile is not as safe as a car, because of thin materials, there are
no safety belts of air bags. A velomobile is much safer than a bicycle,
since the driver are protected by the fairing.

This Alleweder with a fairing of aluminum was hit by a bus.
The velomobile driver did not get any severe wounds.

A velomobile will give you good protection, there will be some space for
deformation in front and tail, and the body itself is pretty strong. It is
important to be visible in the traffic by using lights and reflexes all year
around, a flag in the car drivers sight line and strong colours on
the velomobile.

Is it possible to drive a velomobile in winter?
Yes, it's possible, you are protected against wind and cold. Only problem
can be too much snow and uneaven roads.

Velomobile in winter with spike tyres.

What is the price of a velomobile?
A new velomobile will cost 10-18 000 USD, the most expensive, 30 000
USD. Used from 5 000 USD. DIY-construction sets: (Alleweder) ca. 4 000

Where are the velomobiles produced?
Velomobiles are mainly produced in Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic,USA and Australia. Some people home build their velomobiles.
All velomobile production is in small scale and all are built by hand.

recumbent with carbon fairing won 500 km road race, solo ridning.

Why velomobile?
Funny to ride, gives a "kick" in the downhills. Can be used for
commuting, shopping, holidays. A good training bike, all year/all
weather. More safe than any bicycle in traffic.

Velomobile holidays in Lofoten, north of the polar circle.

Will the velomobile alternate with the car?
Yes, on short distance commuting, shopping etc. the velomobile can be
like a car. The velomobile is good for local single person transport, and
will be a much more environmental friendly and healthy transport.

A velomobile needs about 1/2 hp to go 30-50 km/h.

Environmental friendly an efficient transport.
The velomobile is the most energy efficient vehicle in the world, and
have payed itself in Co-emissions after about 800 km.

Download our calculator on the transport cost with velomobile vs car